Grace of God Series

This 3-part series will expand your knowledge and understanding of how God’s grace impacts everything--your situation, your family, your friends, your work, and YOU!

The Grace of God: Sovereignty course by Dr. Ken Wilson dissects difficult and often controversial verses and gives clarity to important issues about God's sovereignty.


The Grace of God: Salvation course by Dr. Dave Anderson will help you understand the unearned, unreasonable, and unparalleled grace of God.


The Grace of God: Service Rewards course by Dr. Joe Wall gives powerful insights, fundamental biblical references, and clear teaching on eternal judgment and rewards.


Trial By Fire Series

Where did the Bible we know today come from? Based on his book, Trial by Fire: The Struggles to Get the Bible into English, Dr. Harold Rawlings takes us on an incredible journey into the history of Bible translation.


Trial by Fire: Influential Bibles in World History is a masterful class that discusses the historical, political, and religious narrative of how the English Bible was made.



The Bible in 90 Minutes is a stunning presentation by best-selling author Dwight Edwards that will put the Bible together in ways that you will never forget. This is perfect for home groups, Sunday schools, classrooms, or personal enrichment.


Explore the three great relationships God calls us to purposefully and passionately pursue. No Greater Pursuit breaks down the transformative message of John chapter 25, perhaps the most important chapter in the Bible on spiritual life.


As you go out your door each day, change the world. Extract discipleship principles from Jesus' mindset, priority, and life approach. Establish a transformative foundation for a game plan to make a difference in the world, one life at a time.


Anyone willing to serve and use their influence in getting people to a common goal that is greater than themselves can be a leader. Understand the fundamentals of biblical leadership so you can realize your potential and fully live out who God made you to be.


Biblical Greek

Easy Peasy Biblical Greek is the easiest way to learn Greek well. Learn beginner Greek in Volume 1 and begin to better understand the New Testament.



Learn intermediate Greek in Volume 2. Increase your vocabulary and hone your Greek translation skills to improve your Bible studies.



Certificate Courses

Are you serving or considering to serve in ministry, whether in a church or para-church organization, but have no prior work or skills training in the field? BASIC Ministry aims to equip you with foundational skills to help you fulfill your calling with excellence.


Bible Exposition is an overview of the entire Bible. It will help you identify important events, people, concepts, verses, and big ideas from the Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Gospels, Acts, Romans, Pauline Epistles, General Epistles, and Revelation.


Systematic Theology is the organized study of God in His relation to the universe with a primary focus on His redemptive activity. Produce the right thinking and actions from the truths of the Bible as theology is studied in a systematic manner.


Become a Life-long Learner

Get more for less by choosing a learning track below.

Discipleship Track


3 Courses ($97 Value)

  • Bible in 90 Minutes
  • No Greater Pursuit
  • Discipleship—Change the World 

Access courses for 1 year. 


Christian Life Track


4 Courses ($166 Value)

  • All courses in the Discipleship Track
  • BASIC Christian Life*

*Coming in Spring 2022

Access courses for 1 year. 


Ministry Skills Track


5 Courses ($265 Value)

  • All courses in the Christian Life Track
  • BASIC Ministry 

Access courses for 1 year. 


Biblical Studies Track


6 Courses ($414 Value)

  • All courses in the Ministry Skills Track
  • Bible Exposition 

Access courses for 1 year. 


Theology Track


9 courses ($571 Value)

  • All courses in the Biblical Studies Track
  • Easy Peasy Biblical Greek 1 and 2
  • Systematic Theology 

Access courses for 1 year. 


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