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Level up your knowledge of the Bible and develop critical skills for ministry through the Grace Global Ministry Training, a competency-based non-degree program designed for pastors who don't have the means or desire to pursue a seminary degree.

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Program Overview for Pastors

Program Requirements


Complete all 18 courses and corresponding assessments online (approximately 90 clock hours of course work).

Ministry Application

Accomplish a journal detailing your observations or application of concepts learned to a real-world environment.

Panel Assessment

Demonstrate and discuss 35 outcomes with a 3-member panel, ensuring comprehensive pastoral competency.

The Grace Global Ministry Training (GGMT)
is broken into 5 categories that are necessary for ministry.

Courses (30 hrs)

Bible Exposition – 13 hrs
Winning at Life – 7 hrs
Grace of God series - 9 hrs
Review – 1 hr

Knowing the Scriptures

  1. Recount 10 of the main events in the Old Testament and share the stories of at least 10 of the main characters in the Old Testament.
  2. Explain by using 5 examples how Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecy.
  3. Summarize at least 5 major teachings of Jesus.
  4. Describe 10 main events in the book of Acts.
  5. Explain at least three of Paul's key teachings.
  6. Explain the significance of Jesus' relationship with His disciples for discipling others today.
  7. Explain why the death and resurrection of Jesus is so important.
Courses (15 hrs)

Basics of Bible Study – 3 hrs
BASIC Christian Life – 4 hrs
Basics of Grace – 3 hrs
Effective Preaching – 4 hrs
Review – 1 hr

Living by Faith

  1. Successfully explain a Bible passage to the panel.
  2. Bear the fruit of the Spirit in all areas of life and practice humility, integrity, and simplicity. Journal examples.
  3. List, explain and exercise the progression of the spiritual life.
  4. Discuss dealing graciously with the staff, and/or the members of the congregation. Journal examples.
  5. Demonstrate compassion, welcome and forgiveness in all relationships. Provide examples.
  6. Practice kindness and hospitality and journal the experience.
  7. Preach a sermon.
Courses (15 hrs)

BASIC Evangelism – 4 hrs
BASICs of Discipleship – 4 hrs
BASIC Marketplace – 3 hrs
BASIC Servant Leader – 4 hrs
Review – 1 hr


  1. Motivate others for mission into the workplace - journal results
  2. Share the gospel with at least three people – journal the people and the observations
  3. Identify at least one person for a disciple making relationship. Journal the person and the main takeaways from that experience.
  4. Discuss the use of technology and social media for ministry in the church
  5. Explain the biblical view of work and the importance of sharing that with your congregation.
  6. Demonstrate servant leadership to the staff and journal the experience.
  7. Disciple at least 3 others to serve in some form of church leadership alongside the pastor-in-training.
Courses (13 hrs)

Basics of Biblical Counseling – 3 hrs
Grief Counseling – 3 hrs
Advanced Biblical Counseling – 6 hrs
Review – 1 hr

Listening and Encouraging

  1. Recount at least 3 stories in the Bible where Jesus comforted children.
  2. Complete pre-marital counseling with a couple preparing for marriage
  3. Discuss the overall role of the body of Christ in the church.
  4. Comfort and assist others in times of crisis, primarily hospital illness, grief and death. Journal the experience.
  5. Explain how a pastoral heart can change the church.
  6. Demonstrate skills in biblical conflict resolution. Journal results.
  7. Engage in ministry to, with, and by children and youth. Journal the experiences.
Courses (16 hrs)

Systematic Theology – 3 hrs
BASICS of Ministry – 3 hrs
Trial By Fire 1 and 2 – 2 hrs
Relational Evangelism - 7 hrs
Review – 1 hr

Trustworthy Faith

  1. Explain the importance of sound doctrine.
  2. Summarize and explain two key doctrines of the New Testament.
  3. Explain why soteriology is so important
  4. Explain the biblical basis for stewardship, giving, and offerings.
  5. Describe the key role of certain Bibles in the creation of an English translation.
  6. Explain 3 of the most important events in the history of the Church.
  7. Describe in your own words the importance of the Church.

Choosing the Panel

Members of the panel should:

  1. Have knowledge of the pastor-in-training being assessed
  2. Have knowledge of the job requirements of the pastoral position being assessed.
  3. Be in some level of authority or responsibility in the organization such as an Elder, a Deacon, a staff member or another pastor.
  4. Have a considerable level of biblical and theological knowledge.
  5. Have the time to observe the pastor in training over the course of the program
  6. Have the best interest of the pastor and the organization in mind when agreeing to be part of the 3-member panel
  7. Be one who is committed to praying consistently for the pastor-in-training
  8. Be mature in their faith in Christ
  9. Be willing to serve the organization in this responsibility
  10. Prayerfully consider their involvement in the assessment process and sense a call to engage with the pastor-in-training in this program.

Role of the Panel

Once a category is completed, the review panel may decide to discuss the 7 outcomes for that category with the pastor-in-training, or they may decide to evaluate all 35 outcomes at the conclusion of the program. Upon satisfactory completion of the coursework and the review, the panel will sign off on each category and then submit that finished document to GCSD.

The 3-member panel can be selected by the pastor-in-training or by the governing organization of the pastor-in-training.

Application Process


1. To enter the program, you will need the help of people who will partner with you in your training. 

  • If you have a sponsor, we will need their name and contact information. If you don't have a sponsor, you may choose to apply for sponsorship in the application form below.
  • Identify 3 panel members. Prepare their names and email addresses. Use this sample letter and program guide to help communicate to them. Request for them to sign up here.  

2. Prepare your writeup for the following questions. Answers should be no more than 250 words:

  • Testimony
  • Heart for Ministry
  • Self-Evaluation - Spiritual walk, spiritual gifts, strengths, weaknesses
  • How will you benefit from this program? 

3. When you're ready, fill out the form below to submit your application.

4. Once you have completed all requirements, the GCSD team will reach out to you via email so you can begin learning!

By applying to the Grace Global Ministry Training, you are one step closer to becoming an equipped spiritual leader who can reach many with the love of Christ.

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