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Would you like to grow deeper in the word of God? Whether you are a pastor, minister, Sunday School teacher, lay worker, Bible scholar, or you’re just looking for Biblical teaching to help you in your spiritual life, you will find something to stretch your knowledge of God’s word on Grace On Demand.

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Courses consist of video teachings, study guides, and quizzes designed to encourage you to go deep into the Scriptures and allow God's Word to transform you.



Each Grace On Demand course gives you access to a community of students and teachers where you can share and learn ways to apply the principles and concepts taught in our courses.



Our vision is to develop spiritual leaders who can teach others about the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost. We desire for you to grow in grace so you can go and teach.


Advanced Education, Practical Learning

Do you want to be an equipped spiritual leader but don't have the resources to pursue an academic seminary degree? The Grace On Demand Certificate courses are perfect for you. While these courses cannot be credited to an academic degree, the depth and coverage provide foundational knowledge and practical insights that you can immediately use in your area of ministry, whether in a church, para-church, or marketplace.   

Learn the Basics for Effective Ministry

This intensive 18-hour course provides practical teaching on topics including Bible Study, Theology, Grace, Ministry, Discipleship, and Biblical Counseling.

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Get An Overview of the Entire Bible

Learn key principles, people, and events in every book of the Bible. This 13-hour course will help you understand God's wonderful master plan for all mankind. 

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Do An Orderly Study of God and His Word

Through 7 hours of in-depth video teachings, you will learn about all the "-ologies" in Christianity and the importance of each study in the Christian life and ministry. 

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Pursue a Life of Learning

Get more for less by choosing a Learning Track below.

Discipleship Track


3 Courses ($97 Value)

  • Bible in 90 Minutes
  • No Greater Pursuit
  • Discipleship—Change the World 

Access courses for 1 year.


Christian Life Track


4 Courses ($166 Value)

  • All courses in the Discipleship Track
  • BASIC Christian Life*

*Coming in Spring 2022

Access courses for 1 year.

Coming Soon

Ministry Skills Track


5 Courses ($265 Value)

  • All courses in the Christian Life Track*
  • BASIC Ministry

*Coming in Spring 2022

Access courses for 1 year.

Coming Soon

Biblical Studies Track


6 Courses ($414 Value)

  • All courses in the Ministry Skills Track
  • Bible Exposition 

Access courses for1 year.


Theology Track


9 Courses ($571 Value)

  • All courses in the Biblical Studies Track
  • Easy Peasy Biblical Greek 1 and 2
  • Systematic Theology Certificate Course

Access courses for 1 year.


What Students Say

Servant Leadership

"I love the simple-to-follow charts and graphs. The visuals really help me understand and follow the whole course. Also the practicality of what was said is on point; you can easily apply it right away."


"The course was great in all aspects. One main thing we need to takeaway from Dr. Norris is that discipleship is not about a particular ministry, program, workbook, and church activity that only a few Christians participate in; it's a relationship that multiplies through our model Jesus Christ."

Bible Exposition

"I appreciate all the clear-cut action steps and definitions of words and processes. The instructors were excellent conveyors of information—teaching well with this great quantity is an accomplishment!"


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Grace On Demand is a ministry of Grace Center for Spiritual Development (GCSD). GCSD is an extension of Grace School of Theology, created to offer non-degree opportunities of seminary-style Bible studies, devotionals, webinars, conferences, and more. The Grace Center programming is perfect for those interested in theological studies but not so much the theological degree.