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As a Christian, you are commissioned to make disciples of all nations. The best way to do that is to develop spiritual maturity so you can teach people about the love of Christ. To be an effective teacher, you must be a spiritual leader. Are you willing to grow into one?
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Discover the Expanse of the Grace of God for Mankind

This 3-part series from three of our best teachers–Dr. Ken Wilson, Dr. Dave Anderson, and Dr. Joe Wall–will expand your knowledge and understanding of how God’s grace impacts everything—your situation, your family, your friends, your work, and YOU!

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Grace of God: Sovereignty

God’s sovereignty and Man’s free will—how can both statements be true without disproving the other?

Far from being an unsolvable problem to wrestle with, God’s sovereign will underscores His absolute power in relation to His all-encompassing grace in giving us the freedom to make our own choices. The key to unlocking this beautiful paradox lies in understanding sovereignty as defined by the Bible. Dr. Ken Wilson dissects difficult and often controversial verses and gives clarity to important issues.

Grace of God: Salvation

What would you do if you knew that what you do now counts for eternity?

Eternal life isn’t just about getting into heaven, it’s about getting heaven here on earth—and the first step of this amazing journey begins with salvation. Notable Bible teacher Dr. Dave Anderson unpacks paradigm-shifting truths on salvation that will affect how we live our lives today. Salvation is the door that opens us up to the unearned, unreasonable, and unparalleled grace of God! Enroll now and discover your place in His plan today.

Grace of God: Service Rewards

Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me…

Jesus charged through the pages of history and gave us an entirely new perspective on what “good” looks like and the prize that awaits those who run after it. Dr. Joe Wall gives us powerful insights, fundamental biblical references, and clear teaching on the many questions surrounding eternal judgment and rewards. Gain a more passionate expectation of the return of Jesus, develop a wise plan for your life to make it count for eternity, and learn basic truths so you can help others get on their journey towards Jesus Christ.

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The GRACE Growth Model

As part of our mission to develop spiritual leaders in all nations, we designed the most focused process for helping Christians transform into leaders. Whether you are still a new Christian or you have been leading a ministry or small group for some time now, the GRACE Growth Model will take your spiritual life to the next level.

Godly Foundations: An effective Christian leader, starts with a strong spiritual foundation. You must know the eternal truths that the Bible shares and have the wisdom to discern what a false doctrine sounds like.

Renewing the Mind: Imparting a Biblical point of view when it comes to the proper mindset, attitude, and heart of a leader. As Christians, we are mandated to lead differently than the world.

Aptitude Training: Practical leadership skills are important if you want to be a leader that inspires others. Once we’re done with the right foundations and mindset, you will start learning leadership skills.

Community Building: Community Building is about knowing how to engage and ensure that your people are growing

Extension of Ministry: We are not only going to help you succeed. But we’re going to equip you with all the tools and resources you need to help others succeed, too.

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What Our Students Say

Basics of Bible Study

"Going through these modules, I realized the difference of exegesis (right way, extracting meaning from the text) and eisegesis (wrong way, imposing own meaning on text). I've been teaching, preaching and leading Bible Study groups for a while now. Because it’s the common practice of my church, most of my sermons and materials were taken out of its original context. This has definitely motivated me to read the Bible as it is even more!"

Systematic Theology

"There’s so much I’d like to highlight in my learning of Systematic Theology! Most of it was truly new information I didn't get from other courses. I particularly noted this learning from the soteriology section. Although salvation is clear and simple according to the Bible, many take “save” out of context and complicate God’s grace. "Save" in Scripture doesn't always refer to salvation unto eternity (spiritual salvation in Christ). There's salvation from famine, conquest of nations, tribulation, sickness, etc. Knowing the proper context can ground us to hold on to biblical promises and truths! I’m looking forward to teach and apply what I learned!"

Bible Exposition

"I really liked that the instructors connected the Bible like a big puzzle... putting pieces together to make one whole picture. Knowing the different intricacies and history of the Bible such as its original languages and the different types of revelations were also very helpful."

Servant Leadership

"I love the simple-to-follow charts and graphs. The visuals really help me understand and follow the whole course. Also the practicality of what was said is on point; you can easily apply it right away."

Bible Exposition

"I appreciate all the clear-cut action steps and definitions of words and processes. The instructors were excellent conveyors of information—teaching well with this great quantity is an accomplishment!"


"The course was great in all aspects. One main thing we need to takeaway from Dr. Norris is that discipleship is not about a particular ministry, program, workbook, and church activity that only a few Christians participate in; it's a relationship that multiplies through our model Jesus Christ."

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