3 Ways to Encourage Women in Faith | Katherine Barner

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#ibelieveingrace Katherine Barner

Women wear different hats in playing their role as a mother, wife, workmate, minister, and more. It can be challenging to pursue further studies when relocation is a concern. These are some factors that Katherine Barner had to consider in enrolling in a seminary to learn more about God. Flexibility is a priority so she could give her 100% in attending the classes without missing out on her other commitments.

Katherine always had the desire to go deeper in the Word of God. The more she taught in Bible Studies and Sunday School, the more she wanted to study. The fire in her heart intensified when she found out about the opportunity to be equipped with quality and sound biblical knowledge through Grace School of Theology where she is taking up her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) degree.

Having a clear understanding of God's Word can change the trajectory of any plan. When she discovered God's calling for her to start a new ministry, she obeyed and aligned with His will. But this was not easy for her. In this Saving Grace Podcast episode, she shared about experiencing a serious health scare wherein she described that she could have died or, at least, had a stroke. Since then, she began to spend time with God and realized that she didn't want to be at the end of her life without obeying her calling. Today, Katherine serves as a licensed Psychotherapist, an author, and the host of the "Sister Survivors" radio show.

As she journeyed with women through her ministry, here are some important lessons she learned in encouraging them:

  • We need to encourage women to go deeper in God's Word. Women tend to be like Martha in the Bible—too busy with responsibilities. But she emphasized Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him. Every day, we have the opportunity to be at the feet of Jesus, in His presence to listen and obey His Words. May we not take it for granted.
  • We should journey together with other women in the faith. In Titus 2, it says that women should engage with other women about their areas of struggle in their career, relationships, marriage, parenting, and managing the home in the light of God's Word. Walking together with other women will help strengthen each other's faith.
  • We should always remind women of God's grace. She learned that extending grace to other women starts with our understanding and experience of God's grace. Then, we will be able to extend His love through our words and actions toward our fellow women.

In Grace School of Theology, Katherine was equipped with ministry and biblical knowledge which she used to continue engaging women in her community. Grace helped her extend and reach out in these types of relationships.

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