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Winning at Life by Dr. Dave Anderson, Dr. Mark Haywood, Tim Dunn, and David Kuhnert

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Imagine joining a race you could win that would give you the greatest prize imaginable.

Jesus won at life—He had a clear purpose for coming to earth accompanied with clear goals, He had the right attitude as He fulfilled this purpose, and He overcame and received the reward the Father promised Him.
We too are called to win at life as Christ did.

6 Life-Changing Modules

A comprehensive study using Scripture and organizational frameworks to discover God’s ultimate reason for creating us and how we can faithfully live it out joyfully.

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Enrich your learning through Scriptural references and questions designed to spur you to apply and live your life purposefully.

Meet Your Teachers

Dr. Dave Anderson

Dr. Dave Anderson

Founder & President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages, Grace School of Theology

Dr. Mark Haywood

Dr. Mark Haywood

Provost and Professor of Hermeneutics, Homiletics, and Bible Exposition, Grace School of Theology

Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

Marketplace Leader, Trustee, Grace School of Theology Author, Founder, and Teacher,

David Kuhnert

Director of The Crossroad, Trainer and Author of Servant Leadership

Special Guests

Joey Willis

Content Developer/Trainer, The Crossroad

Kylie Willis

Leadership Development Manager/Trainer, The Crossroad

WINNING AT LIFE: Pursuing the Greatest Prize of All

We know how to win in the small things; we have all tasted the glory of winning in competition, sport, and business. But what about the race of life itself? Could it be that God intended us to win a prize far beyond what any of us has dreamed or imagined?

This course is based on the book "Winning at Life: Pursuing the Greatest Prize of All" by Steven Loots (Founder and CEO of Harvesters Ministries).

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Are you ready to live intentionally and have an eternal impact?

Embrace your purpose, remain faithful, and receive your reward! You too can win at life.

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I love that this course focused on the freeness of God's grace as the primary motivation for costly Christ-like servant leadership. Radical grace naturally leads to radical obedience!

This is the first time in my life that I thought of my own Transcendent There in view of my current reality in a very specific, clear, and outlined manner. Although I may need to revisit my THERE from time to time, it is very freeing to know the PATH I need to take get there.

The greatest contribution to my knowledge from this course are the provisions of a detailed map and vocabulary about my journey to becoming a true disciple of Jesus. I have known my path prior to this course but now, I can provide a palatable definition about it. I'm glad the instructors gave us permission to use the words and diagrams given because I will definitely utilize them to teach others!