Discover how the book that changed the world reached our homes.

The Trial By Fire courses will help you rekindle your passion for the Bible as Dr. Harold Rawlings walks you through the remarkable events in its translation to the English language.


The Struggle to "English" the Bible


Imagine traveling to unknown places without a map or building your house without a blueprint. This is what it looks like if the Bible did not exist today. For generations, men and women have endured persecution and even death to make God’s written Word more accessible to common people like us. Dr. Rawlings will help you discover the true and immeasurable worth of the Bible. The long journey of its translation will inspire you to hold on to faith and to endure life’s challenges. 

The Influential Bibles in World History


Do you know that in the past, many people were persecuted and barred from studying the Scriptures? In part two of this series, you will learn the influential Bible translations in world history. Dr. Rawlings will uncover the historical, political, and religious narrative of the translation of the English Bible. You will get an understanding of how the grace of God led scholars like Wycliffe and William Tyndale to do unconventional and bold actions for the love of God’s Word.

Grow Your Love for the Word

You will grow deeper in love with the Bible as you learn the history and heroes who paved the way to its translation through these self-paced courses.

Learn the Value of the Word

You will learn the value of God’s Word as you go through the downloadable study guide and take note of the key learnings from Dr. Harold Rawlings’ discussion.

Share Your Passion for the Word

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Journey Through the History of Bible Translation

Think of how many lives and families were transformed, redeemed, and set free through the Bible. God used both simple and influential people to make His purpose come to life! Through this 2-part series, you will enjoy God’s marvelous work in orchestrating the long journey of Bible translation. You will receive a whole new appreciation of the Bible that we now enjoy in our language!

 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105 (NASB)


Love the concise modules.

It’s a great amount of useful information that was passed on in a short time frame. The course was a nice history lesson that greatly documented Dr. Rawlings' expertise in a watchable format.

Engaging and insightful.

The study became more engaging because Rev. Mark Rae and Dr. Harold Rawlings brought up interesting questions and points to ponder during their discussion that are useful even beyond the course.