Establish the Foundation of Your Faith Through a Systematic Study of God and His Word

The Systematic Theology Certificate Course will help you dispel the misconceptions about God and discover that He is a good, holy, righteous, and loving Father. Knowing Him deeper will produce your correct perspective and right actions.

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Discover the Heart of our Good and Loving God

For many years, people have misunderstood that God is distant and unloving. But the Scripture reveals His very heart for humanity. Without the proper understanding of theology (the study of God), you will journey in your faith with no strong foundation, much like building a house on sinking sand.

Whether it’s understanding the effects of the Fall and sin today in hamartiology or embracing the ministries of the Holy Spirit in pneumatology, this Systematic Theology Certificate Course will broaden your perspective in often unspoken and unexplored “-ologies” that powerfully govern the conclusions at which we arrive. You will be amazed that the God of order will lead you into a systematic journey of His Word so that you will understand His redemptive purpose.

Develop a Deep Love for God

Systematic Theology is the organized study of God in His relation to the universe with a primary focus on His redemptive activity. Far more than the knowledge of theology, you will develop a deep love for God when you go through the five modules and learn from professors and experts Rev. Mark Rae, Dr. Mark Haywood, Prof. Ezequiel Serrato.

Gain a Correct Perspective of God

Establish your faith starting from how God defines Himself as a whole. The downloadable study guides on each module will help you get the key insights from this certificate course.

Meet Your Teachers

This course is presented by teachers from Grace School of Theology. It cannot be credited to a seminary degree, but the depth and coverage of the course provide foundational knowledge for anyone who serves or desires to serve in ministry.

Dr. Mark Haywood

Provost and Professor of Bible Exposition, Grace School of Theology

Rev. Mark Rae

Vice President of Community Development, Grace School of Theology

Prof. Ezequiel Serrato

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Grace School of Theology

"There’s so much I’d like to highlight in my learning of Systematic Theology! Most of it was truly new information I didn't get from other courses. I particularly noted this learning from the soteriology section. Although salvation is clear and simple according to the Bible, many take “save” out of context and complicate God’s grace. "Save" in Scripture doesn't always refer to salvation unto eternity (spiritual salvation in Christ). There's salvation from famine, conquest of nations, tribulation, sickness, etc. Knowing the proper context can ground us to hold on to biblical promises and truths! I’m looking forward to teach and apply what I learned!"

Take An Orderly Journey with the God of Order

The Bible is truth, and as theology is studied in a systematic manner, right thinking and right actions are produced.

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