What does it take to be a great leader?

Discover an effective upside-down kingdom principle rooted in serving others. Transform your perspective and foundation as an effective servant leader who gives a premium to developing other people’s potential and growth.


Learn to Influence Others to Reach their Purpose

Whether in church ministry, business, school, or home, people want a clear purpose and set of goals. But many leaders live their lives without knowing their “why” or purpose. Throughout these nine modules, you can learn how to dig deeper into your motivation as a leader. It will also help you remain centered by establishing a goal destination greater than earthly achievements, focusing on what is eternal.

Establish Your Leadership Foundation

It can be challenging to stay on track when you do not know your starting point. Use the downloadable study guide to help you identify your current reality. Your values and foundations establish your true starting point.

Gain Tools to be a Servant Leader

Through 9 video teachings, unpack the truth about control, the principles of self-governance, and the tools for leadership development such as the Moment of Truth, Freedom V, and Two Circles.

"I love the simple to follow charts and graphs. The visuals really help me understand and follow the whole course. Also the practicality of what was said is on point; you can easily apply it right away."


"The concepts introduced were very useful. I appreciated the explanation and comparison of the HERE and THERE. This course made me reflect where I am in life, ministry, work and even my studies and what is required of me to get to THERE."


"I am amazed how the Lord has inspired David Kuhnert to organize this leadership module that is not only packed with principles but more so on tools on how to apply these principles in life."


Become a Servant Leader

Through this course, you will appreciate the biblical view of leadership and how it radically transforms nations, organizations, businesses, families, and YOU! 

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