Do you get stuck with questions and doubts when reading the Bible?

Know This: Tackling Tough Topics
By Dr. Mark Rae
With Dr. Dave Anderson, Dr. Mark Ellis, Dr. Ken Wilson, and Dr. Fred Chay

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Gain clarity in complex Bible passages

The Bible is God’s revealed Word to His creation and He has revealed it to us with a purpose. His Word holds transformative truths that will impact not only our finite lives here on earth but also for eternity. Knowing this, it’s integral that we understand what the Bible reveals about foundational truths such as salvation, grace, and works.


6 Comprehensive Modules

Each lesson is meant to direct you to the main source of truth—the Bible. As you progress through the course, you will be further equipped to discern and dissect difficult passages when you encounter them in other parts of the Bible.


Downloadable Handout

Use the accompanying handout as you learn to immerse yourself deeper into God’s Word and explore the other systems of thought surrounding these tough topics.

Are you ready to tackle tough topics with ease?

With the help of bible scholars, you will be guided to analyze the original meaning, usage, context, and purpose of select Bible passages.

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Meet Your Teachers

This course is presented by teachers from Grace School of Theology. Although this cannot be credited to a seminary degree, the depth and coverage of the course provide foundational knowledge for anyone who desires to discern and dissect biblical truths better.

Dr. Mark Rae

Dr. Mark Rae

DMin, Vice President of Community Development

Dr.Dave Anderson

Dr. Dave Anderson

PhD, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages, President, CEO

Dr. Mark Ellis

Dr. Mark Ellis

PhD, Professor of Theology and New Testament

Dr. Ken Wilson

Dr. Ken Wilson

DPhil, Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History

Dr. Fred Chay

Dr. Fred Chay

PhD, Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology, Academic Dean

Learn foundational truths that will transform and guide your Bible reading


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Yeah!!! DR. CHAY!!!! Aside from this teaching on Hebrews 6, I loved his Book of Hebrews class when I was his student in seminary. Changed my life!

Trevor S.

I am so glad I found the lesson on James—our blessings in Christ come through the works He works in us!

Robin Q.

GREAT WORK!!!! Biblically sound with respect to the context.

Leo T.

I would love to see more videos on these difficult passages. Mark Ellis did a great job 👍.

Aaron S.