Learn to Shift to a Hybrid Church

Churches and stores are opening back up again. Restrictions are being lifted so we can meet face-to-face…but it’s not like what it used to be. The world is changing—and it’s not going back to the familiar. Learn from seasoned teachers, thought leaders, and change-makers who have the expertise and experience to help you learn to transition to a hybrid church.

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Dr. John R. Adolph

The Mission - In view of the pandemic, church leaders are now challenged to embrace virtual methods of preaching the gospel like never before.

Dr. Thomas Beavers

The Methodologies - The mission, the Master, and the message have not changed. However, the pandemic has caused the church to embrace new methodologies in order to get the Gospel message across.

Dr. D.Z. Cofield

The Challenge - In order to help others, one needs to possess certain attributes such as authenticity, empathy, knowledge, and skill.

What is a Hybrid Church?


"A hybrid church is leveraging every tool we have to reach people wherever they are, in physical spaces or digital ones, in whatever they’re doing, online or in-person. It’s serving those people with everything they need to take the next step on their faith journey."

Coming Back But Never Going Back

Don't let circumstances stop you from fulfilling God’s mission. Learn to shift into a hybrid church that keenly focuses on mission, methodologies, and ministry.

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