The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Well

Knowing Greek can take your Bible study and teaching skills to the next level. Learn beginner and intermediate Greek in these two courses by Grant Hawley and be able to correctly translate the New Testament. 

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Learn the Original Language of the New Testament

What makes these courses easy-peasy?

The Easy Peasy Biblical Greek courses focus on key grammatical functions instead of memorizing paradigms in the Greek language. The two courses cover all the basics of beginner Greek as well as intermediate Greek. You will learn how to correctly translate verses in the New Testament and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Know the Most Common Greek Words in the Bible

Learn and memorize Greek vocabulary in every lesson. 

Practice What You've Learned

Work through the exercises provided in each lesson. Practice translating text from the New Testament.

Read the Bible with Clarity

As you increase your vocabulary and improve your translation skills, gain a deeper understanding of the Bible.

"Easy Peasy Biblical Greek makes a shift in the right direction. So many first-year Greek students get so lost in trying to memorize the paradigms and irregular verbs that they throw their hands up in the air and just stop trying. Easy Peasy introduces Greek to the students like a gentle breeze instead of a sandblast. It does cover all the basics so the student is not short-changed. It has you memorize Greek vocabulary but only the most common words. And it has practical translation and comprehension exercises after each major lesson. It gives the basics of tenses, participles, and conditional clauses, and delves more deeply into nouns."

Dr. Dave Anderson
Founder and President, Grace School of Theology

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