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Do you read the Bible with the expectation of being surprised?

This course will help you read the Bible in a way you will never forget.


How do all the books of the Bible fit together?

“I wonder what sort of tale we've fallen into?” - J.R.R. Tolkien

We all, like Frodo and Sam, have fallen into a tale, right smack in the center of a gritty story of blood and passion, pursuit and purpose, battlefields and rewards. The Bible is more than a history book, it is God’s unfolding saga with eternal promises that bind us to it. It is more than a manual for life, it is a love letter designed to awe us and keep us in constant wonder. Many view the Bible like various pieces of a puzzle and read books but can't fully understand how these books all fit together.

Studying the Bible is necessary for our growth. However, more than the amount of time we spend on the Word, how we read the Bible is equally important. This course is divided into six major acts replete with clear lessons, thoughtful anecdotes, and powerful insights for life.

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Download the Workbook

Take time to dig deeper into the Bible and reflect on the lessons.

Dwight Edwards is the burning bush that God has called him to be. I'm infinitely blessed and so grateful that God led me to his studies - complete transformation in my mindset and the stress I once had has been lifted! His studies are Invaluable and I believe that every Christian AND non-believer alike should go through!

The manner in which Dwight is able to peal back the layers of The Word to reveal concepts and meaning is awesome.

I LOVED the picture of our Triune God relating to each other in the word perichoresis as dancing around and asking us to join the party; to trade up. That thought and image touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes with the sheer wonder of it.

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