Unravel God's Master Plan for Mankind

The world is looking for truth that only God's Word can bring. The Bible Exposition Certificate Course is an insightful and condensed outline of the entire Scriptures. From Genesis to Revelation, you will learn how God reveals His unconditional love and faithfulness towards mankind, and how you can take part in His master plan.

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Journey Through Every Book of the Bible

Have you ever read through every book of the Bible? Do you know how all the pieces come together to reveal God’s master plan for mankind?

With 9 modules and over 13 hours of video teachings, this course will take you to a journey from Creation to Revelation, covering all 66 books of the Bible, so you can have a deeper understanding of who God is and who you are through the lens of His Word. 

Whether you are a preacher, a Sunday school teacher, or a small group leader, this course will help you study the Scripture, convey its truth, and carefully apply it to your life.

Receive Timeless Wisdom

Learn how to navigate through the books of the Bible as you receive timeless wisdom from the discussion of expert professors and leaders, Dr. Mark Haywood, Rev. Mark Rae, and Ptr. Willie Gaines.

Get Deeper in Your Faith

Download the handouts and follow along with the video lessons to learn the important events, people, and concepts from God’s Word. This will help you get deeper in your faith as you uncover His overarching purpose for His people, including you!

Meet Your Teachers

This course is presented by teachers from Grace School of Theology. It cannot be credited to a seminary degree, but the depth and coverage of the course provide foundational knowledge for anyone who serves or desires to serve in ministry. 

Rev. Mark Rae

One of the greatest promises God gives us is this: "I will never leave you nor forsake you." And God delivers on that promise to the nation of Israel. And He calls us in like the children of Israel.

Dr. Mark Haywood

God gives us a will and ability to choose. God doesn’t force us into loving Him back. He wants us to choose Him like He already chose us. He wants us to love Him like how He already loves us.

Ptr. Willie Gaines

Jesus gave Himself for you and me—when we make it personal like that, how can we not fall in love with the Person? He displayed His sovereignty and love for us in His sacrifice.

"Going through these modules, I realized the difference of exegesis (right way, extracting meaning from the text) and eisegesis (wrong way, imposing own meaning on text). I've been teaching, preaching and leading Bible Study groups for a while now. Because it’s the common practice of my church, most of my sermons and materials were taken out of its original context. This has definitely motivated me to read the Bible as it is even more!"

"I appreciate all the clear-cut action steps and definitions of words/processes. The instructors were excellent conveyors of information—teaching well with this great quantity is an accomplishment!"

"I really liked that the instructors connected the Bible like a big puzzle... putting pieces together to make one whole picture. Knowing the different intricacies and history of the Bible such as its original languages and the different types of revelations were also very helpful."

Discover God's Heart Through the Bible

Learn key principles, people, and events in every book of the Bible so you can understand God's wonderful master plan for all mankind.

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