Learn to Nurture Your Spiritual Life

In the midst of challenges that Christianity faces today, how can we live a victorious Christian life and become "salt and light" to the world?

BASIC Christian Life aims to equip you with the foundational disciplines to help you grow in your spiritual life and shine the love of Christ in your area of influence.

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Basic Application for Service in Christ 

BASIC is a series of non-credit learning opportunities created by the Grace Center for Spiritual Development, an extension of Grace School of Theology, to prepare spiritual leaders worldwide in a variety of environments where fundamental and ongoing training is critical.

BASIC Christian Life includes 10 modules and 3 hours of teaching focused on establishing your foundation as a follower of Christ in different contexts and seasons in life.

Discover Your Purpose in Life

Explore what the Bible says about God’s glory, holiness, grace, and triumph and how this knowledge impacts you as a believer.

Experience Grace in Every Aspect of Life

Discover God's sufficient grace for every season in your life, and learn to reflect God's glory in everything you do.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Engage with other believers from all around the world.  Learn ways to apply what you have learned as we grow together in community.

BASIC Christian Life


Individual Course

  • 10 modules (3 hours of teaching)
  • Extensive downloadable workbook

Access the course for 6 months.


Christian Life Track


4 Courses ($166 Value)

  • Bible in 90 Minutes
  • No Greater Pursuit
  • Discipleship--Change the World
  • BASIC Christian Life

Access courses for 1 year.


Ministry Skills Track


5 Courses ($265 Value)

  • All courses in Christian Life Track
  • BASIC Ministry


Access courses for 1 year.


Biblical Studies Track


6 Courses ($414 Value)

  • All courses in Ministry Skills Track
  • Bible Exposition


Access courses for 1 year.


Theology Track


9 courses ($571 Value)

  • All courses in the Biblical Studies Track
  • Easy Peasy Biblical Greek 1 and 2
  • Systematic Theology

Access courses for 1 year.