Discipleship vs. Disciple-Making:
Transforming Lives Through a Lifestyle and Not a Program

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Discipleship is not a program for the select but a call to all believers of Christ. It is a great, unknown adventure to change lives and make a difference for Christ and His church. Just as it is a daily choice to follow Christ, we also choose to walk in the footsteps of the Greatest Disciple-Maker Himself!

Learn the mindset, priority, and life approach of Jesus, the Disciple-Maker who changed the world. If you choose to go on this journey with us, you will be able to understand Jesus’ principles of discipleship and how they apply to your present life and ministry.


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Having been discipled as a young Christian, Dr. Steve Norris experienced first-hand its life-changing difference. Because of this, he has committed to helping other Christ-followers learn to disciple others as his life’s passion. He has been a participant, leader, and pastor for over thirty years in the discipleship ministry. His experience spans from the church to the academic setting both in the United States and abroad. Steve believes that the need of the church today is not more buildings, budgets, organization strategies, or gatherings. To turn the world upside down like how Christ and His disciples did, we need to return to the simple plan of making disciples who reflect Christ’s character, obedience, sacrifice, and mission.

A church, small group, or an individual can begin an incredible journey of learning the art of disciple-making from the Master Himself—Jesus.

Be equipped with a game plan to make a difference in your world.

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