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news and updates Oct 12, 2021

Grace On Demand relaunched its website with new features to look forward to. This on-demand learning platform is for anyone interested to grow and study theological courses at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. If you want to be equipped as a spiritual leader but do not have the resources to pursue seminary, Grace On Demand courses are perfect for you! Through the courses, you will receive lifelong learning that you can apply in your ministry, career, relationships, and family.

The teachings from expert professors and leaders will help prepare you to be spiritually strong and to make a greater impact as you share the gospel. You can also study at your own pace through the student’s online platform. There are available study guides and modules to download for further learning. Get deeper into the Word of God through the reflective questions and objective assessments in every course offering. When you enroll, you will also get exclusive access to a community of students and teachers sharing their lifelong learnings from the takeaways from the courses. Not only will you learn foundational knowledge but also practical insights useful for all aspects of life.


Introducing Learning Tracks

We want to make theological education accessible and affordable. Now, you can take more premium courses for much less by choosing any of our Learning Tracks.

 1. Discipleship Track - As Christians, we are all called to be everyday disciple-makers. This track starts with two courses by best-selling author and teacher, Dwight Edwards. Establish a strong biblical foundation and learn to develop a game plan for discipleship through the Discipleship course by Dr. Steve Norris, Director of Discipleship at Grace School of Theology. Experience the high adventure and deep-seated joy of disciple-making.

 2. Christian Life Track - In the midst of modern challenges that Christianity faces today, how can we live a victorious Christian life and become “salt and light” to the world? This track includes all the courses in the Discipleship Track plus the BASIC Christian Life course. BASIC is a series of non-credit learning opportunities created by the Grace Center for Spiritual Development, an extension of Grace School of Theology, to prepare spiritual leaders worldwide in a variety of environments where fundamental and ongoing training is critical. BASIC Christian Life aims to equip you with the foundational disciplines to help you grow in your spiritual life.

3. Ministry Skills Track - Are you serving or considering to serve in ministry, whether in a church or para-church organization, but have no prior work or skills training in the field? The Ministry Skills Track includes all the courses in the Christian Life Track plus BASIC Ministry which consists of 6 modules and 18 hours of teaching focused on preparing you to be effective in the church, para-church, or marketplace ministry settings. 

4. Biblical Studies Track - This track offers over 35 hours of in-depth learning covering the entire Bible and key areas of ministry. In addition to all the courses in the Ministry Skills Track, the Bible Exposition course gives you an overview of the Bible so you can teach with a good understanding of the Bible's metanarrative. 

5. Theology Track - With over 50 hours of intensive learning, the Theology Track gives you a comprehensive equipping so you can correctly teach the Bible and effectively lead in your ministry. In addition to all the courses in the Biblical Studies Track, you will also learn about all the "-ologies" in Christianity. Finally, learn to interpret the New Testament through the Easy Peasy Biblical Greek courses included in this track.

Deepen your theological foundation and be equipped to teach others about the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost.

Do you want to stretch your faith and knowledge of God’s Word?

With self-paced offerings, even a busy pastor-parent or businessman-Sunday School teacher can be equipped with deep yet bite-sized practical, Biblical learning.
No matter your season or position, Grace On Demand has a course for a lifelong learner like you.

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